From B2B to B2C; developing an e-commerce solution for a new online audience


Korg is a Japanese multinational, founded in 1962, which specialises in synthesisers, digital pianos, keyboards and recording equipment for the music industry. Under the Vox brand name, they also manufacture guitar amplifiers and electric guitars. Deedy Technology was briefed to develop an e-commerce solution to enable the company to sell to a consumer audience for the first time in its history.


With no e-commerce or consumer experience, the client needed a technical consultant that they could trust to guide them through the process, which marked an important stage in the company’s growth strategy. Our team created a Magento project plan and developed an online store for both Korg and Vox.

We developed a customer service process to helping the company deal with consumer queries effectively. We also trained the customer service team, who had previously only dealt with retailers, to deal with consumer enquiries.


The two web-fronts for Korg and Vox work seamlessly with the brand and website. The e-commerce solution works smoothly and the Korg and Vox are now selling big value items to consumer audiences.